Since 2009, Belize has grown from a lower middle income country to an upper middle income country with a GDP per capita of US$4,697.65 in 2015. In recent years, real GDP growth has varied from one year to another, from a high of 4.1% in 2014 to as low as -0.8% in the third quarter of 2016.

The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) calculated Belize’s export and import value for 2016 to be BZD$ 401 million and BZD$1.91 billion.

Belize trading partners have remained constant over the last five years. Belize’s major importing countries are the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, European Union, Panama, Costa Rica, Central America, CARICOM, Canada, Curàcoa and China, while its major export destinations are the United States, EU, CARICOM, Central America and Mexico. Among these trading partners, CARICOM and the EU are the few regions Belize usually has a positive trade balance with.

Source: DGFT’s Trade Intelligence Unit