The CARICOM-CSME Unit has responsibility to coordinate Belize’s national position as it relates to regional matters through targeted research and lobbying; coordinate the strategic implementation of agreements; and promote the opportunities under CARICOM.

Core functions of the CARICOM-CSME Unit include:

  • Providing recommendations to effectively represent Belize’s intra-CARICOM trade interests and position on regional matters;
  • Contributing to the review, evaluation and monitoring of the CARICOM Single Market Economy (CSME);
  • Evaluating existing CARICOM bilateral trade agreements and determine areas for improvement, as necessary, in collaboration with the private sector and CARICOM; and
  • Raising local awareness of CARICOM and the CSME.

Team Members

Tricia Gideon

Tricia Gideon

Unit Coordinator/CSME Focal Point/Trade Economist