As every developing country should have, Belize has a number of development strategies and sectorial policies to help steer it towards its economic transformation aspirations. At the core of these policies is common theme, which is the improvement in the standards and quality of living of Belizeans. The said strategies and policies are:

Horizon 2030 – Belize’s National Development Framework. This document contains the vision of a Belize its citizenry would desire to reside. The Horizon 2030 articulated four (4) key objectives that would deliver the future to the people, they are:

  • Democratic governance for effective public administration and sustainable development
  • Education for development
  • Economic resilience
  • And the bricks and mortar of the vision – healthy citizens and health environment.


Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy (GSDS)

The GSDS (2016 -2019) is Belize’s sustainable development strategy for the next four years. The GSDS represents one of Belize’s best efforts in fulfilling the economic aspirations of the people of Belize explicitly articulated in the Horizon 2030.

This actionable strategy would bring economic, social, and environmental policies into a synergistic balance, to ensure optimal outcomes.

The GSDS would help to strengthen the resiliency of the economy in the current unstable era of global polity through an organized sustainable development framework expounded in the following critical success factors:

  • Optimal national income and investment
  • Enhanced social cohesion and resilience (enhanced equity)
  • Sustained or improved health of natural, environmental, historical, and cultural asset
  • Enhanced governance and citizen security.

The National Trade Policy Framework has also been tailored to fulfill the objectives of the GSDS. This will ensure the needed synergy for implementation.

View the Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy (2016 – 2019).

NOTE: It is instructive to note that The Horizon 2030 feeds all other policies that have been developed and those currently being developed including the National Trade Policy Framework.

National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan (NSTMP) (2012 – 2030)

The NSTMP is sectorial development action plan for Belize’s tourism industry. It was approved by the Cabinet in 2012 and aims to reposition Belize as a premier, unique and a highly competitive player in the regional eco-tourism market.

The NSTMP further conceptualized and grouped Belize’s tourism product into a portfolio of six areas namely:

  • Cultural
  • Nature-based
  • Sun and Beach
  • Cruise
  • Nautical and
  • Leisure and Entertainment

The continuous implementation of the NSTMP would strengthen tourism governance, improve tourism marketing, increase tourism product development, promote tourism sustainability & and quality assurance and develop tourism infrastructure.

View the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan (2012-2030).
View the Belize National Culture Policy