Apr 30

Belize participated in the World Trade Organization (WTO) Advanced Workshop on Agriculture Notifications at the WTO headquarters in Geneva from 24th to 27th April 2018. The country was represented by a Member of the Directorate General for Foreign Trade. The Workshop was a Level 3 specialized training activity implemented within the WTO Progressive Learning Strategy and represents the highest level of learning among WTO training activities.

The objectives of the workshop included:
1) to enable Members to fulfill their notification obligations in a
timely manner in accordance with the transparency requirements prescribed by the Agriculture Agreement and the notification procedures adopted by the Committee on Agriculture (CoA); and

2) to increase the capacity of Members to participate in the review of notifications in the CoA.

The Workshop combined lectures from Agriculture and Commodities Division (AGCD) officials, practical exercises and case studies and provided a platform to discuss specific technical issues Members may face in preparing and analysing agriculture notifications. This allows Belize to build technical capacity to harness the opportunities associated with creating a transparent and more predictable trading environment for local and foreign investors and producers.